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We understand that it is important for the residents of Woodruff, AZ to have a garage door that functions and works properly so they always remain safe in their homes. Our family-owned and operated business has 20+ years of experience in the industry, and has grown to serve Woodruff and surrounding areas.

Our trained technicians can handle any garage door problem you may have. If you are late for work and stuck in your garage, we offer 24/7 emergency service, too. You can always trust us with your garage door repair problems.

Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates is pleased to serve these Woodruff zip code:


Off Track Garage Door Repair

Garage doors go off track for many reasons. They may get bumped or fail from normal use and wear. Our trained technicians can repair damaged tracks, as well as balance and align your entire garage door so it works like new.

Off Track Doors in Woodruff, AZ

Garage Door Openers in Woodruff, AZ - Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates

Garage Door Panel Replacement In Woodruff

Did someone have a small fender bender with your garage door panel(s)? Or, is it showing wear from age or the environment? Whatever the case, we can replace it. This is more cost – effective than replacing your whole door.

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Spring Replacement in Woodruff, AZ - Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates

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